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Hi Janet. The best thing I ever did was to contact a master tailor in my area and commission her to make me a custom fitting shell. I use this fitting shell as my personal pattern block to make comparisons so I can make the needed adjustments to any pattern I purchase. I am barely 5 feet tall and have a mature figure. Vouge pattern company makes a fitting shell pattern, and so does Butterick.

If you do not have access to a tailor, purchase a well made, cotton blouse that best fits and flatters your body type and carefully take it apart. Use sturdy fusible interfacing to create a pattern from this garment. When I first started sewing I used to go to thrift shops to purchase well made classic clothes that fit me and then take them apart to use it as a fitting blocks to make new clothes for myself. After I became more confident, I purchased commercial patterns and compared them to my fitting blocks. This method enabled me to sew clothes that fit If only Professor Pin Cushion was around back in the 70’s when I started to sew, I could have avoided so many frustrating clothing failures! The Professor’s helpful videos really make it easy to learn new techniques. Thank you and wishing you happy sewing.