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yes, I’ll definitely add it to my suggestion list. Your muslin is usually determined on which fit you’re testing. If you’re most concerned about the bustline, then you can just make a muslin of the bodice, without having to also attach the collar and/or sleeve. You would cut out these pieces and baste them together enough so you can at least try it on. You don’t have to worry about hems or finishing type stitches. We don’t care about the looks, just how it fits. Once you have it on, you can then start pinning if there are areas you need to take in. Just realize that if you make something out of a woven, non stretchy fabric, you do need to leave room for ease. Sometimes it can be tempting to make something as fitted as possible but if you make something too fitted you might be preventing yourself from some crucial movement like lifting your arms or being able to bend over without popping a seam. Thanks!