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It may take a little bit of trial and error but here’s how I would go about it. Lay the frame on paper so you can draw an outline of the shape, I prefer the outside of the frame not the inside. Also make a mark on above the hinge, so where you want the frame to start showing. Then you just have to determine low long you want the purse to be and the bottom shape and connect this with your frame outline. So now you have the basic shape, you just have to include seam allowance, which can be anything you want but I usually start with 1/2″. So that will be added to your outline, anywhere you’ll have a seam. Next you should get some cheap fabric, like muslin and try sewing a purse with your pattern. You can use our tutorial, even if not exactly the same, as a of guideline, if you need it. Where you marked above the hinge is where the side seam of the purse stops so the bottom of the frame is tucked inside purse, hiding the hinge. (I don’t really know what this will look like but you really just have to play with it til you’re happy.) If you need to adjust your pattern, do it until you like your pattern. (If your frames are different sizes, you’ll have to make different patterns but once you get one down, the rest should go faster.) Once your pattern is final, then you can start working with nicer fabrics. You can really use any woven fabric you want but I prefer to work with fabrics that aren’t really thin and slippery. The one I used in my video was a silk and it was fairly nice to work with. Good luck and you can do it! 🙂