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Hi there! I love that you’re interested in designing and I’m sure you’re eager to get started. I can’t tell from you’re question if you already know how to sew or not. I took a pattern making class a few years back and there was a few of us that actively sewed and the others who had taken design classes but never sewed before at all. Those of us who were sewers definitely had an easier time succeeding in the assignments because we were already familiar with what pattern piece elements looked like and understood how things were constructed. So I suggest starting off with using some commercial patterns so you can see what a bodice looks like and how it’s normally constructed or what a sleeve looks like. When you start making your own, creating them is going to make more sense and the process will be less of a mystery. Also, as a practice, you can go through a lookbook and find elements that you’d like in your own garment and work at putting these elements together. Also, when you’re ready we do have a basic patternmaking series that we’re continuing to add to and it might help you on your journey.