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Hi there, It really depends on what kind of look you want. For pieces that you want a lace overlay, use the same pattern pieces that you used in cutting out your main fabric. The only pieces not to cut out in lace would be any facing pieces, because those end up on the inside of the dress. You’ll also want to pay attention to the design of the lace when cutting out your pieces. Make sure it’s all going in the right direction and will be matching once the pieces are stitched together. If you want the lace and the main fabric to look like one, I would do as you suggest. In preparation and to make it easier on yourself, baste the lace pieces to each individual, corresponding fabric pieces. I would just do the largest stitch on your machine or you can do a large running stitch by hand and stitch the around the perimeter of each piece, attaching the lace to the fabric piece. This will keep the lace in place and you don’t then have to worry about any surprise slippage as you’re working with it. After this is done, just sew the pieces together as normal. I like this method because it’s really easy to be creative with the lace overlay in that you get to choose where on the dress you want it to be. You can decide whether the whole dress has a lace overlay or only certain parts of it. For example, maybe just having a lace overlay on the bodice. Or keep the bodice satin only, and doing a lace overlay on the skirt of the dress. There really is no wrong way to be creative. The second way to do it, is to sew two separate dresses. You have your main dress and your lace dress and they would most likely be attached at the zipper and neckline. I prefer the first method though. We would love to see a picture of your dress when you finish. It’s such a cute style. 🙂