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Reply To: halter top vest lining Newlook 6839

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hi there! I hope I can help you out because I want you to finish your vest 🙂 Check in your tissue paper, because you should have a facing pattern. The facing will provide stability in your vest, probably for the buttons. I haven’t gone through this pattern so I’m going to offer my best guess on some things and, hopefully, it’ll help. Once you locate your facing pattern, cut two out of your fabric. (If you have leftover lining fabric you can use this.) One the longest edge of the facing, turn 1/4″ to the wrong side. Then pin the facing to the front lining. The shorter side of the facing should match the raw edge of your lining and now the facing is just sitting right on top of the lining and your looking at the right side of both pieces. On the folded side of the facing, stitch close to the folded edge, stitching the facing and lining together. On the remain edges, just baste so that the facing is now stuck to the lining. At this point you can ignore the facing and just treat the lining as a single piece. Then get your other lining pieces and stitch them together like you’ve already did with the outside vest fabric. Ok, now we’re going to sew the lining and vest together. Just lay them together, right side to right side, one fitting over the other and matching up all the raw edges. Then you’re just going to sew around the perimeter of the vest. It looks like they want you to not sew the side seams and the area between the circles, but everything else should be fine. Once this is stitched, you can trim your seams, clip corners, and cut notches in the curved area. This is so when you turn it right side out (in the next step), the seam allowance won’t be bulky on the inside.
This will probably be less confusing once you have the facing piece cut out and in your hand. And if you go through everything and this piece is not included, I would contact New Look. It wouldn’t be the first time something was left out of a pattern.
When you finish your vest, please post a picture. I would love to see how it turned out 🙂