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Hmmm…that’s an interesting problem. Yeah, I’ve never had a problem where the facing doesn’t fit the area that it’s supposed to go. It’s hard for me to answer this because I can’t see your project, but here’s a couple theories: Check your pattern pieces and make sure you’re using the same size for both. Lay the pattern piece for the facing on the back piece and make sure it even fits. (Trust me, pattern companies make mistakes sometimes and you’ll drive yourself nuts when it’s not even you. If this is the case, send an email to the consumer services for the pattern company.) Check the facing pattern and make sure you’re cutting it out of the fabric correctly. For example, if it says “cut on fold” but you cut two and sew them together, you’ll end up with a facing piece too small because now you’ve added seam allowance. If you’re off by just a little bit, use our tutorial on easing two pieces of fabric together so that you’re distributing the extra part more evenly instead of it being all bunched up in one spot. Also, make sure you’re trimming your seam and cutting notches. You need to do this especially with curved seams or when you flip the facing to the inside it won’t lay correctly, because there’s too much fabric being bunched up.