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Ok, we’ll go over step 9, since I’m assuming that’s the one you’re stuck on. This step is only dealing with the overskirt piece only. The pattern you post a picture of, is #5 and it’s the underskirt, which is not apart of this step. did you cut out an overskirt, it should tell you to cut out 2 from that pattern. It sounds to me, like they’re prepping you to put in a zipper in the center back seam. So, the overskirt should currently be 2 pieces. Pin these two pieces together at the center back seam, right side to right side. You’ll know it’s the center back seam because it’ll be a long straight edge with a large circle about 8″ or so from the top of the skirt. Ok, now take this pinned seam to your sewing machine. You’ll stitch these two pieces together, at that seam, BUT….only from the large circle to the hemline and press the seam open. If you take out the pins, everything above the large circle will remain free and open. Usually, this is where the zipper will eventually go. So now you have stitched 5/8″ seam below the circle and everything open above the circle. Now we’re going to be dealing with that same center back seam, but above the circle. Look at this area, wrong side facing up. On each side of the center back seam, you’re going to press the raw edge over 5/8″. So even if this area isn’t stitched like the area below the circle, the full length of the center back seam, looks even because each side of it is pressed 5/8″. Once this is done, do 2 rows of gathering/basting stitches along the top of the skirt….ending 5/8″ from each edge. I hope this makes better sense. I know it’s a lot, so just take it one part at a time and sometimes it makes more sense if you’re actually staring at the fabric instead of trying to understand this full paragraph of words at once. Let me know how it goes. you can do it!!