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Have you tried sandwiching the fabric with pieces of tissue paper? That really helped me when sewing through bathing suit fabric which is also pretty thin and stretchy. I have only sewn with this type of fabric a little bit but I’ve heard from others that it can be super frustrating. I did read that you should sew slowly using a narrow zigzag stitch. Apparently, sewing through it fast, heats up the glue under the dots and this will get residue on your needle. If you sew slowly, it may prevent some of the glue residue. Normally, for stretchy fabrics you should use a stretch or ball point needle, but if your needle is breaking trying to get through the dots, experiment and try a sharp needle and see if that works out any better for you. Also, if you do need to iron, use a press cloth to cover it so the dots don’t come off on the iron. Good luck!!! 🙂