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hello! Definitely watch our tutorial on taking your own measurments: I do explain on how to choose a pattern, because, as you’ve discovered, there are stark differences between ready-to-wear sizing and pattern sizing. This happens to a lot of beginners and it can be quite shocking to discover that your pattern size seems to be a greater number than you’re used to. This is because ready-to-wear garments use “vanity” sizing practices which can really vary from company to company. There’s no regulation which is why sometimes you wear a size 6 and sometimes a size 8, depending on the the brand. As a general practice they make sizes a smaller number, which could be because they want us to feel better about our size and buy more clothes. I mean, really, how can a size “0” really exist and be a real thing? Pretty much all pattern companies use the same measurements for the same sizes. So if I wear a size 10 in Simplicity, then I can also do a size 10 in McCall’s. And from what I can tell, the pattern companies have been pretty consistent in maintaining these same sizes for a very long time. And if it makes you feel any better, I wear about a size 4 in most ready-to-wear and in patterns usually a size 10 or 12, depending on how close it is to the holidays. 😉