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yes! You can totally add your own pleats to a pattern and it’s easy. 😀 Mark where you want a pleat to be on the waistline of the skirt and continue this line down to the hemline. Cut on this line, separating the pattern into two pieces. Add a strip of paper, the width would be desired width of the pleat (like 2″ or so) and each side of your pattern will get taped to this strip. At the waistline, draw a dash line about 3″ in length down each side of the taped strip and on the strip put an arrow pointing to the center front of the pattern, because the pleat always gets folded so it’s going towards the center of the garment. And you’ve just add your first pleat! If you want more, then just repeat the process. If you want even more help, check out our premium tutorial Skirt Pleat Pattern on our site and I show you the whole process. Get a good grade! 😀