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hi there! The pattern piece will state how many pieces you need to cut out. So if the pattern says “cut 2” then that means that you need two pieces of that pattern. If your fabric is double layered, you’re technically cutting once but getting 2 from that single pattern. This would still be correct. If your pattern has a pattern layout on the directions, they show you how they recommend they lay out the pattern pieces and you’ll see if you need to use a pattern more than once to get more pieces. You shouldn’t have to frankenstein (or sew) any pieces together prior to actually going through the sewing direction steps. So first I’d cut everything out and then start going through the sewing directions. But I wouldn’t stress out too much. If you accidentally cut out more pieces than you need, it’s not going to hurt anything. Trust me, you can’t ruin your garment and it’s all about learning. You got this! 🙂