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Thank you. I’ve done as high as 1.5X’s but 2Xs is the next one I’ll try. I put it on(the muslin made with the oversized pattern pce) and some of the elastic threads broke so I made another whole piece 1.5 X’s, shirred that up and again, some broke, but only 3 rows so I got a bit wiser and knotted the broken ends, reshirred where it popped and tied each end together and got it on that way. I made the new, good, top today and instead of tying the elastics right at the stitch line, I left about 4″ of thread and tied them at the ends of that. It was still a stretch to get over ‘everything’ but no elastics popped and it looks pretty ok. Next time I will just double the shirring piece to begin with and see where that goes. Thanks for the reply.