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It really depends on how much you want to invest in a sewing machine. Some of the top brands are Husqvarna, Bernina and Pfaff. And even if you get a basic machine without a lot of bells and whistles, it may still cost more than sewing machines you find in department stores but they’re really good machines. Here’s a basic Husqvarna that JoAnn’s sells. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can find sewing machine vendors and see if they have any used models available. A lot of sewing machine vendors buy back machines when people upgrade. They usually only do this for newer machines and they refurbish them so they’re just as good as new but have a lower price tag. You can also try finding a used machine on craigslist or ebay. If you only want to pay a couple hundred dollars then you can find a lower end consumer machines for Singer, Brother and White. For those, I would check out sites like overstock or amazon so you can read people’s reviews and get the one you feel like would be a good fit.